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Bank Strategy


Bank Strategy


Adjustable Parameters: Lot Size | Use Martingale | Increase Lot Size | Decrease Lot Size | MartingaleStartAfterLosses | ConsecutiveWinCount | Wait Period After Loss | Take Profit | Stop Loss | Enable risk free | riskfree | TradeMode | Support and Resistance | ReversalBuffer | BreakoutBuffer | ReversalForbiddenHours | BreakoutForbiddenHours | UseCandlePowerFilter | UseCandlePowerFilter | PeriodReference | PeriodToCheck | maxPowerForReversal | minPowerForBreakout

Automatic Capital Protection
Trading Type: Automated,  Buy only and Sell only.
Support and Resistance send signal and candle power filter tell what to do


The “DRKHASHIXBankStrategy” robot, based on its current parameters, emphasizes a small take profit and employs a large stop loss to increase the likelihood of winning more trades. The Martingale strategy is implemented to maximize efficiency. Utilizing parameters from the risk-free strategy and considering other relevant parameters can contribute to achieving profitability through alternative methods. The trading style of this robot is determined by your personal preferences and trading approach.

In the latest update of version two, you can now utilize time restrictions as well. For instance, during hours with high news activity, you can set the bot not to open Reversal trades in those specific hours.

The “DRKHASHIXBankStrategy” robot is still under development and requires suitable parameter adjustments. If you discover appropriate parameters, please share them in the comments.

you need download this CandlePower  andicator to now how this robot work for best parameter

download CandlePower

Static Support and Resistance Levels:

  • The robot accurately identifies and updates static support and resistance levels based on price data.


CandlePower Filter:

  • It utilizes the strength of candlesticks to identify sensitive areas.
  • High candle power may indicate a potential breakout area, while low candle power might suggest a return to a support or resistance zone.

Risk-Free Risk Management:

  • Utilizes the risk-free approach to move the stop loss towards profit.
  • Typically, a positive risk management approach aims to reduce loss constraints and enhance trading efficiency.

Advanced Martingale:

  • The Martingale strategy is adjusted based on the number of consecutive trades and the resulting profits or losses.
  • This approach can contribute to improving efficiency in trades.

Trade Type Selection:

  • The robot provides the user with the flexibility to choose the type of trade (Buy, Sell, or Both).

With these features, the robot serves as a powerful tool for automated trading, considering market conditions, support and resistance levels, candlestick strength, and risk management. For optimal usage, thorough testing is recommended in a simulated environment to ensure the robot is properly configured before deploying it in live trading.

Best regards, Dr.khashix. I LOVE YOU ALL

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Three-Month, six-Month, One-Year


Lot Size, Use Martingale, Increase Lot Size, Decrease Lot Size, MartingaleStartAfterLosses, ConsecutiveWinCount, Wait Period After Loss, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Enable risk free, riskfree, TradeMode, Support and Resistance, ReversalBuffer, BreakoutBuffer, ReversalForbiddenHours, BreakoutForbiddenHours, UseCandlePowerFilter, UseCandlePowerFilter, PeriodReference, PeriodToCheck, maxPowerForReversal, minPowerForBreakout

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