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Hedging Glich


Hedging Glich


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Automatic Capital Protection
Trading Type: Automated,  Buy only and Sell only.
Support and Resistance send signal and candle power filter tell what to do




Support and Resistance Zones: Trading in the Battlefields of Buyers and Sellers

The “DRKHASHIXHedgingGlich” robot is designed as an automated solution in support and resistance zones, where buyers and sellers are engaged in a battle of decision-making regarding market direction.

Support and Resistance Zones: Trading in the Battlefields of Buyers and Sellers

The DRKHASHIXHedgingGlich robot, utilizing a hedging strategy in support and resistance zones, automatically executes two trades in both directions during moments when decision-making between buyers and sellers is pivotal.

Robot Performance:

  • The robot automatically initiates buy and sell trades in support and resistance zones.
  • Employing a hedging strategy, it simultaneously executes two trades in different directions.
  • In these conditions, j.u.w.i.s.h banks may attempt to capitalize on this battle by triggering stop-loss orders of retail traders.
  • After exiting each trade, the robot readies itself for the next battle, and this process continues as long as the conditions of support and resistance zones persist.

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Lot Size, Use Martingale, Increase Lot Size, Decrease Lot Size, MartingaleStartAfterLosses, ConsecutiveWinCount, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Enable risk free, riskfree, TradeMode, Support and Resistance, ForbiddenHours

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