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Position management


Position management


Adjustable Parameters: StopLossPips | TakeProfitPips | EnableRiskFree| RiskFree |

Automatic Capital Protection



**One-Click Stop Loss and Take Profit Robot**

Revolutionize your trading strategy with our sophisticated cAlgo Robot! Designed for seamless automation, this robot provides a one-click solution for setting Stop Loss and Take Profit levels simultaneously on every new trade.

Also, when you enter the profit, the robot edits your stop loss towards the profit, so that in the end you get the maximum profit through your stop loss.

**Key Features:**
– **Effortless Configuration:** Set your desired Stop Loss (in pips) and Take Profit levels with just a click, streamlining your trading process.
– **Dynamic Risk Management:** Enable the robot to handle risk-free trading by specifying a Risk-Free Distance in pips.
– **Expiration Reminder:** Stay informed with an expiration warning if your robot license is limited to a specific time.

**Enhance Your Speed in Scalping:**
In fast-paced scalping scenarios, our robot can significantly boost your execution speed, giving you a competitive edge.

**Why Choose Our Robot:**
– **Efficiency:** Swiftly manage your trades without the need for manual adjustments, enhancing overall efficiency.
– **Risk Control:** Ensure precise risk management with automated Stop Loss and Take Profit placement.

**Limited-Time Offer:** Grab your free license for a limited time and experience the power of automated trading with our DRKHASHIX BankStrategy.

**Note:** This robot comes with an expiration date, so make the most of its advanced features before it expires. For support, contact us at DRKHASHIX@DRKHASHIX.COM.

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StopLossPips, TakeProfitPips, EnableRiskFree, RiskFree

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