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RSI Low volatility


RSI Low volatility


Adjustable Parameters: Lot Size | Use Martingale | Increase Lot Size | Decrease Lot Size | MartingaleStartAfterLosses | ConsecutiveWinCount | TradeMode | TakeProfitInPips | Stop Loss | EnableCloseRsi | DistanceToCloseRsi | Enableriskfree | riskfree | RsiPeriod | Overbought | Oversold | UseCandlePowerFilter | PeriodReference | PeriodToCheck | MinCandlePowerVolatility | MaxCandlePowerVolatility
Automatic Capital Protection
Trading Type: Automated, including both Buy and Sell trades.
rsi send signal and candle power filter the signals



This robot makes decisions based on two main indicators, namely RSI (Relative Strength Index) and CandlePower. If RSI reaches the upper boundary (Overbought) or the lower boundary (Oversold), sell or buy signals are generated, respectively. Additionally, using the CandlePower filter, it determines whether the price fluctuations are low or not.

These results were obtained in the 1-year backtest. If you find better parameters, share them in the comments

Upon the generation of a sell or buy signal, a trade with a specified volume is executed, and a fixed stop-loss and take-profit are applied. If the price reaches a certain distance from the entry point, the trade is closed by the robot before hitting the stop-loss or take-profit. The process then repeats. It is recommended to carefully adjust the parameters and test the robot in a demo account before using it in the real market.

we have updated the stop-loss system, allowing you to benefit from the risk-free strategy. In this stop-loss system, using parameters, the stop-loss is trailed towards profit. This ensures that once you are in profit, you no longer incur losses. Additionally, it captures all profits in the direction of a trend, ensuring you enter at the optimal point. It’s important to note that these parameters require exploration, and they are specific to the previous version.

also we comprehensive martingale system has been implemented, activating after a specified number of consecutive losses. When the system reaches a profit, it intelligently reduces the trading volume. Additionally, a progressive win tracking mechanism has been added to facilitate a return to the initial state after successive wins.

For fun, the casino mod was added to find the best parameters

The robot operates with precision in entering trades at optimal points and demonstrates good capabilities. Despite the market complexity influenced by banks and jjwish, the robot effectively identifies strong points. With control over the system and monitoring of the robot’s performance, you can review each trade after its execution.

In cases where you believe a trade has taken place in an inappropriate position, there is the possibility of manually exiting it. This capability empowers you to actively participate as a manager in the decision-making process.

Moreover, you can manually manage stop-loss and take-profit of robot trades and use a risk-free strategy to improve results. These features allow you to correct the robot’s weaknesses and achieve better outcomes.

In the parameters section, a trade mode is also included, allowing you to maintain your long-term analysis of the market while delegating other tasks to the robot. This system creates a teamwork dynamic between you and the robot. With your expertise in long-term analysis and analytical perspective, you can formulate effective and stable strategies. Then, using the robot’s expertise in quick and repetitive trade execution, you can achieve exceptional team results.


This combination of your experiences and capabilities with the power of the robot’s execution and artificial intelligence mechanisms can lead to an overall improvement in team performance, enabling you to make the most of market opportunities.

To use this robot, you need two indicators. One of these indicators is RSI, which is a prerequisite in cTrader. However, the second indicator, “DRKHASHIX CandlePower v2,” needs to be installed separately. To do this, go to the link below, download, and install this indicator:

DRKHASHIX CandlePower v2 download link

After installing this indicator, you can visually observe how the robot presents its signals. To fine-tune parameters and find suitable values, pay close attention to the signals and charts provided by these indicators.

Note that you must manually place a horizontal line for the “DRKHASHIX CandlePower v2” indicator. Whenever this indicator reaches below this line, and RSI also reaches overbought or oversold conditions, a trade signal is generated.

With these actions, you can make the most of the robot and adjust the parameters appropriately.

Why do we use these two indicators for signaling? The RSI indicator is a straightforward tool for identifying overbought and oversold points. While it provides good signals, the main issue is that this indicator often generates signals against the trend. If the trend is strong, there is a high probability of inaccurate RSI signals. To mitigate false signals, we utilize the CandlePower indicator. This indicator allows us to assess the strength of candles based on their average, enabling us to let the RSI signals be issued only when the trend strength is relatively low.


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Lot Size, Use Martingale, Increase Lot Size, Decrease Lot Size, MartingaleStartAfterLosses, ConsecutiveWinCount, TradeMode, TakeProfitInPips, Stop Loss, EnableCloseRsi, DistanceToCloseRsi, Enableriskfree, riskfree, RsiPeriod, Overbought, Oversold, UseCandlePowerFilter, PeriodReference, PeriodToCheck, MinCandlePowerVolatility, MaxCandlePowerVolatility

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