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Adjustable Parameters: Pip Step, Stop Loss, max stop loss hits, Take Profit, Max Spread, Max Orders,
Automatic Capital Protection
Trading Modes: Neutral, Trend, Anti trend, Buy Only, Sell Only
Trading Type: Automated, including both Buy and Sell trades.
No matter if it’s a Buy or Sell trade, this robot consistently achieves profitable results.

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Introducing Khashix Book: Uniting Communities and Fostering Connections

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The Reality of Forex Traders’ Income

The Reality of Forex Traders’ Income: A Look at the Best Traders, Losers, and the Trading Addiction Phenomenon Introduction:Forex trading has become an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking financial gains[…]

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nothing but result and parameters

As you can see, these are the great results of our robot in fixed parameters that you can use these parameters for start and find better parameters

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