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🔍 Step-by-Step Guide to Change nothingbot Direction 🔍

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🔍 Step-by-Step Guide to Change nothingbot Direction 🔍

If you wish to change your robot’s trading direction while it has open positions, follow these steps using Citrader:

1️⃣ Wait for the Robot to Close Positions: Allow the robot to close all its active positions before making any changes.

2️⃣ Disable the Robot: Turn off the robot to prevent it from interfering with your manual actions.

3️⃣ Manually Open a Trade: Use the Citrader platform to manually open a trade (either buy or sell) with the same lot size and take profit defined in the “First Lot” and “Take Profit” parameters of the robot.

4️⃣ Re-Enable the Robot: After completing the manual trade setup, turn on the robot. It will continue its journey based on the new position you manually opened and follow its algorithm accordingly.

Moreover, Citrader offers a convenient feature that allows you to quickly switch a buy position to a sell position and vice versa. Once this option is set, you won’t need to manually turn the robot on and off for direction changes.

By following these steps, you can easily modify the robot’s trading direction and seamlessly integrate your manual trades with the automated strategy. Remember to exercise caution and consider backtesting before implementing any changes in live trading. Happy trading with Citrader! 🤖💼📈

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