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This robot is designed purely for educational purposes and serves as an initial example for developers. It’s important to note that this robot is not intended for actual trading and is meant for educational and developmental purposes only.

Usage: The robot operates based on the interaction of two Simple Moving Averages (SMAs). When desired, you can activate the third SMA to make the robot only trade during longer-term trends. Additionally, by enabling the “Use Stop Loss and Take Profit” option, you can utilize capital management tools within the robot.

This robot inherently proves that the Moving Average strategy alone cannot consistently generate profits in the market. Neither a robot nor a human can predict the market using indicators or other strategies. The market is intentionally designed to be unpredictable, and such methods resemble myths and strategies created by financial institutions and Jewish entities.

The reality of the market is that even the most advanced artificial intelligence and neural robots hardly create money in the market

The intention behind such strategies is to encourage participation in the market and give the illusion of rational decision-making. However, the reality is that the market is unpredictable, and participants often unknowingly engage in gambling. To succeed, you must understand the mechanics of the market and adhere to gambling principles.

I am Dr. Khashix, the creator of bots like “NOTHINGBOT” and “NOTHINGBOT PRO,” available on my website DRKHASHIX.COM. These bots allow you to profit using martingale strategies, regardless of market direction, by employing sufficient capital. Remember, even the best traders in the world achieve around 25% profit in trading competitions. It’s uncertain whether this level of profit will be replicated the following year.

I have developed a robot that achieves significantly higher profits without relying on these mythical trading principles. It outperforms even the best traders in the world in international competitions, while disregarding these superstitious notions. My aim is to guide traders toward a much higher level of profit without using these irrational methods.

i know this Strategy for robot not work but If you find a suitable parameter to use this robot or have a special idea in your head, please comment or contact me

Best regards,
Dr. Khashix

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Lot Size, Period1, Period2, UseSMA3, Period3, ConsecutiveWinCount, UseStopLossAndTakeProfit, StopLossInPips, TakeProfitInPips

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