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Adjustable Parameters: Pip Step, Stop Loss, max stop loss hits, Take Profit, Max Spread, Max Orders,
Automatic Capital Protection
Trading Modes: Neutral, Trend, Anti trend, Buy Only, Sell Only
Trading Type: Automated, including both Buy and Sell trades.
No matter if it’s a Buy or Sell trade, this robot consistently achieves profitable results.


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“Join us now and boost your profits with DRKHASHIX robot!” 🚀

You can only activate one robot for one currency pair on each account. Activating multiple robots on a single account may cause interference and lead to adverse consequences for your trading account.


 Welcome to DRKHASHIX – Your Ultimate nothing bot!

Are you tired of the uncertainties and challenges that come with traditional trading methods? Look no further! DRKHASHIX is here to revolutionize your trading experience and unleash the potential for consistent gains and impressive profits like never before.

 Introducing “nothing bot” – Your Powerful Trading Companion

Our state-of-the-art trading robot, “nothing bot,” is a game-changer in the financial markets. With cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, it executes trades with precision and efficiency, catering to both beginners and experienced traders alike.

 Why Choose nothing bot?

1. Safeguarded Profitability: Our robot is designed to safeguard your investments and ensure consistent profitability. Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty, and say hello to a reliable trading companion that consistently delivers impressive results.

2. High Liquidity and Low Risk: nothing bot thrives in diverse market conditions, effortlessly adapting its strategies to maximize profits while minimizing risks. With our robot by your side, you can trade with confidence, knowing your capital is in safe hands.

3. Customizable Trading Modes: Whether you prefer “Buy Only,” “Sell Only,” or automated “neutral trend and anti trend ” nothing bot empowers you to trade according to your preferences and risk tolerance. The flexibility to choose the mode that suits you best sets us apart from the rest.

“Discover the Genius of Our Profit-Turning Robot!”


How It Works:

Our groundbreaking robot is designed to perform a series of five trades in a single direction, starting with a 1-lot trade for the first, and gradually increasing to a 2-lot, 3-lot, 4-lot, and finally a 5-lot trade for the fifth. The beauty lies in its unique middle-averaging technique, where it turns all trades into profit with martingale pivot points.

But what happens in case of extreme market fluctuations, you might wonder? Fear not, as our robot is well-prepared for such scenarios. It employs not one, but two defense mechanisms to safeguard your investment. After the fifth trade, it enters a defensive phase, where it refrains from increasing the lot size further. It also closes the first trade it opened and initiates the sixth trade with the same lot size as the fifth, not more. This cycle continues until it encounters the parameter-defined max stop loss hit, at which point we name it the “7th trade.” This is where our “tsunami” comes into play, where all trades are closed to protect your entire capital. We then reset and start anew.

The real magic lies in the absence of any indicators in our robot. Why, you might ask? Because indicators are merely deceivers, and our robot’s genius lies in its ability to succeed without relying on them.

Embrace a new era of trading success with our revolutionary robot, leaving behind the uncertainties and relying on a proven strategy that has been perfected to protect your investment and maximize profits. Join us today and witness the power of our profit-turning robot in action!

 Discover the power of nothing bot today – Start your journey towards financial success!

Your sole responsibility is to conduct accurate weekly timeframe analysis to multiply the robot’s profitability multiple times. Additionally, perform daily inspections of the robot to ensure everything follows the algorithm meticulously.

Important Note for Ctrader Users

Due to the complex algorithms used by the robot and certain limitations of the Ctrader software, please note the following:

1️⃣ You can only activate one robot for one currency pair on each account. Activating multiple robots on a single account may cause interference and lead to adverse consequences for your trading account.

2️⃣ Once you have activated a robot on your account, avoid making any manual trades within the same account. Manual trading can disrupt the algorithm and calculations of the robot, potentially affecting its performance.

3️⃣ If you wish to use the robot on multiple currency pairs simultaneously, we recommend opening separate accounts for each currency pair and activating one robot per account. Ctrader allows you to run the software multiple times on Windows without the need for multiple windows VPS (windows Virtual Private Servers).

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your robots while safeguarding your trading experience with Ctrader. Happy automated trading!

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Robot Direction with Citrader

If you wish to change your robot’s trading direction while it has open positions, follow these steps using Ctrader:

1️⃣ Wait for the Robot to Close Positions: Allow the robot to close all its active positions before making any changes.

2️⃣ Disable the Robot: Turn off the robot to prevent it from interfering with your manual actions.

3️⃣ Manually Open a Trade: Use the Ctrader platform to manually open a trade (either buy or sell) with the same lot size and take profit defined in the “First Lot” and “Take Profit” parameters of the robot.

4️⃣ Re-Enable the Robot: After completing the manual trade setup, turn on the robot. It will continue its journey based on the new position you manually opened and follow its algorithm accordingly.

Moreover, Ctrader offers a convenient feature that allows you to quickly switch a buy position to a sell position and vice versa. Once this option is set, you won’t need to manually turn the robot on and off for direction changes.

By following these steps, you can easily modify the robot’s trading direction and seamlessly integrate your manual trades with the automated strategy. Remember to exercise caution and consider backtesting before implementing any changes in live trading. Happy trading with Ctrader!

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if robot not work chack the max spreed and first lot and pip step for your curency

learning and happy trading!


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pip step, first lot, lot step, max stop loss hitts, single stop loss, take profit, trail start, trialstop, max order, max spreed, max order, traide mode : neutral, trend, anti trend, buy and sell only,

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